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School Psychologist




School Psychologist Salary Schedule






Executive Director, Program for Exceptional Students


PRIMARY FUNCTION: The job of School Psychologist is done for the purpose/s of measuring and interpreting the intellectual, adaptive, academic, social, and emotional development of children; interpreting results of psychological studies, interpreting and applying state and federal codes; and developing strategies and interventions to address the special education needs of eligible students.




1. Educational Level:                      

Master's Degree in School Psychology.

2. Certification/License:                  

National Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential; Service Certificate in School Psychology

3. Experience:                                


4. Physical Activities:                      

Routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities

5. Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:                

Written and oral communication, planning, organization; Spanish proficiency would be desirable




  1. Provides comprehensive service to multiple schools.
  2. Administers standardized and/or supplemental assessments to measure the intellectual, adaptive, academic, social, and emotional development of students and/or determine eligibility for services in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Assesses students' functional capabilities and home and/or classroom environment.
  4. Provides differential diagnosis in areas of intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders.
  5. Provides appropriate recommendations and intervention for at-risk students.
  6. Writes comprehensive psychological reports that adhere to local guidelines.
  7. Develops behavior plans, curriculum modifications, etc. in order to implement treatment programs.
  8. Intervenes in occurrences of inappropriate behavior of students in order to assist students in modifying such behavior and developing successful interpersonal skills.
  9. Utilizes available resources in the school and in the community.
  10. Demonstrates the ability to implement and conduct individual and/or group counseling sessions.
  11. Demonstrates prompt and regular attendance.
  12. Performs other duties as assigned by appropriate administrator.